You can now: Turn Wi-Fi on or off using the Wi-Fi toggle switch.

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. Step 3: Connect to the internet. verifone.

External | P400+ User Manual | Version 2.

To type a period (. fc-falcon">Setting Up Your Molo Express Verifone Card Reader. To begin, slide open the door on the top sec.

To add a new network. .

Connection to Another Verifone Terminal.


. Ensure your router does not have the Wireless Client Isolation feature enabled.

The Verifone P400 automatically turns on when connected to power. Restart.

P400/P400 Plus Installation Guide.
You can then click the “+” icon in the bottom right and add your WIFI network.

User Manual.

Direct USB Connection.

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Your internet provider or local electronics retailer can give you suggestions. Angled display, tactile keypad, new user interface, and redesigned EMV slot for smoother card insertion make it comfortable and easy to operate. 2015-09-08 00:00:00. Contents. To turn on the Verifone P400, securely plug the P400 connector cable into the port on the bottom of the reader. .

2 Hidden Wi-Fi Networks This section will cover setting up the terminal on a hidden Wi-Fi network.

b) Make sure the Internet connection is available: Follow processes in Point #2 above. In this article, you will learn how you can add a second network on the P400 Plus and also change the connection from one network to another.


P400/P200 devices can operate both as an integrated payment terminal or as a PIN Pad for cardholder PIN-entry if connected to the Verifone V200c or VX520 countertop terminals.


Ensure that View / Edit is highlighted and press the green circle key.